Announcement: MFS please to announce the funeral service to the Muslim community.

In case any Muslim family needs to use this service please contact the M F S Please Call 0785 226 8014 for Assistant.


Streatham Mosque and other Muslims residing and working in Lambeth together in the following Islamic and Cultural activities:

Naming Ceremonies

  • Marriages

  • Funeral rites

  • Madrassa classes (Arabic & Islamic Knowledge)

  • Youth activities which include Lectures, Seminars, Camping, Sports, advice and counselling for 13 to 20 years of age.

  • Elders club, which includes lunches, lectures, welfare rights, counselling and outings for the members twice a year to different parts of the UK/ This year they have been to Birmingham for a day trip and will be going to Preston and Blackburn in August 2002. There are currently over 50 members with an age range of 50 – 100 years.

  • We also provide advice on welfare rights in housing & education; relieve poverty and distress; and resolve family problems. We take part in all faith activities to liase with other religions in the UK in general and Southwark in particular. We are member of the Southwark partnership forum, United Muslim Council Organization and The Muslim Council of Britain.

    Islamic Services

  • Shahaadah (Reversion to Islam) Ceremony
  • Five Daily Prayers & Prayer Schedule
  • Friday Prayers and Khutbahs (Sermons)
  • Ramadhan Iftars
  • Hajj Services
  • Cultural & Social Services

  • Aqeeqah (Naming) Ceremony
  • Nikaah (Wedding) Ceremony
  • Janaazah (Funeral) Ceremony
  • Sports
  • Picnics & Barbeques
  • Dinners
  • Competitions
  • Educational Services

  • Lectures Please Link
  • Halaqahs (Study Circles)
  • Madrasahs (Islamic Studies Classes) Please Link
  • General Career advisory Service